About us

CropLife Australia is the peak national industry organisation representing the agricultural chemical and biotechnology (plant science) sector in Australia. CropLife represents the innovators, developers, manufacturers, formulators and registrants of crop protection and ag-biotechnology products.

The industry provides products that protect crops against pests, weeds and diseases as well as crop biotechnologies that are key to the nation’s agricultural productivity, sustainability and food security. CropLife members are global leaders in their whole-of-lifecycle approach to industry stewardship, contributing more than $13 million each year towards stewardship activities to ensure the safe and sustainable use of their products.

The plant science industry is worth more than $17.6 billion each year to the Australian economy and directly employs thousands of people across the country.

Click here to view CropLife Australia’s video “This is Innovation”, which explains the importance of the plant science industry to Australia and the world.

Our Mission

Through industry leadership and advocacy, achieve a strategic regulatory environment that provides the plant science industry the freedom to responsibly operate and grow.

How we operate

CropLife is a not-for-profit organisation, wholly funded by membership fees. Our secretariat is based in Canberra with a small team that is experienced and trained in science, government relations, policy, communications and regulation.

On our members’ behalf we work with governments and others interested in the future of food and farming to maintain the benefits that flow to the Australian community from a strong and responsible plant science industry.

We monitor political, policy and regulatory developments to improve current regulatory frameworks and prevent any further regulatory burden that may be imposed on our members.

Focus on regulation

We believe in a rigorous, robust and science-based regulatory system to protect users, consumers and the environment.

The regulatory system must be effective and efficient and commensurate with risk. Regulation must be effective to ensure that product use in accordance with label instructions will not have unanticipated, adverse effects. Regulation must also be efficient to ensure that it imposes the lowest possible cost to encourage investment and innovation by registrants to develop and register new products, uses and technologies for farmers. Inefficient regulation can prevent farmers from having timely access to new crops, new pesticides or new uses for existing pesticides.

CropLife believes that the regulatory system must be supported by a comprehensive, flexible and properly targeted compliance system to deal quickly and conclusively with those who choose to avoid the regulatory system and place farmers, consumers, export markets and the environment at risk. 

Focus on stewardship

We are committed to supporting the safe and responsible management of the industry’s products throughout their life cycle in order to safeguard the safety of farmers and the sustainability of Australian agriculture. CropLife member companies contribute more than $13 million each year on stewardship activities to ensure the safe use of their products.

Focus on member value

CropLife aims to be a valued contributor to our members’ operations. Our organisation’s goals and objectives are collectively set by our members, with ongoing directions and priorities annually set by the CropLife Board.