Secure Farmer Choice in Western Australia

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CropLife Australia, on behalf of Australia’s plant science sector, with WAFarmers and the Pastoralists and Graziers Association of WA, calls on the WA Government to act now and prioritise the passage of the Bill to remove the GM crop moratorium.

The WA Government’s plan to repeal the Genetically Modified Crops Free Areas Act 2003 (WA) is a sound, scientific and fact-based initiative that will give farmers and the community the choice to reap the well‑established benefits of GM crops. WA farmer groups and the plant science sector were relieved to see the repeal Bill have its first reading in Parliament in November last year.

However, farmer confidence in access to these safe, effective modern agricultural innovations is now under serious threat and an urgent repeal of the Act is crucial to remove these decisions from the whim of political ideologues driven by a vocal anti-science minority.

WA’s farmers must have confidence in access to these safe, effective modern agricultural innovations if Western Australia is to maintain and improve its position in an increasingly competitive international marketplace and this access is under threat. Prioritising the repeal of the Act will clear the way for a more productive and sustainable agricultural sector and protect WA farmer choice.

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“We must continue to improve our technology if we are to keep pace with this growing demand for food, if we are to have a stable world.”

Dr Norman Borlaug, Nobel Laureate, Agronomist, humanitarian and ‘the father of the Green Revolution’.

Western Australia has a proud history of agricultural innovation.

Access to new technologies helps WA farmers become more productive and environmentally sustainable.

GM crops are crucial for WA’s farming future.

Let’s clear the way for WA to continue realising the benefit of modern agriculture.

GM crops are the most independently tested food technology in human history and proven safe.

In Australia, GM products are regulated by a number of federal statutory authorities with specific areas of responsibility.

GM crops are being developed that are higher yielding, tolerant to environmental stress and have major health benefits.

Securing access to GM crops guarantees Western Australia’s position as a global agricultural leader.