Industry Stewardship

CropLife members are global leaders in their whole of life cycle approach to industry stewardship.

They adopt and promote ethical and responsible practices from discovery and development of crop protection and crop biotechnology products through to their use, and the final disposal of associated wastes.

CropLife members contribute more than $13 million each year on stewardship activities to ensure the safe and sustainable use of their products.

CropLife members are committed to safety, stewardship and quality. They demonstrate this commitment by complying with obligations set out in the CropLife Australia Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Conduct, and participating in the stewardship programs run by Agsafe.

CropLife Australia is a proud associate member of the Excellence Through Stewardship program, a global industry coordinated organisation that promotes the universal adoption of stewardship programs and quality management systems for the full life cycle of plant product production.