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Membership of CropLife Australia is available to the innovators, developers, manufacturers, formulators and registrants of crop protection and crop biotechnology products.

By becoming a member of CropLife your organisation will join other plant science industry leaders working together to ensure Australia has a science-based, efficient and effective regulatory and policy environment that supports innovation and encourages high quality products.

If you would like to take-up CropLife membership, please download the application form:

Application For Membership CropLife

Print off, fill in and mail to:

Croplife Australia Limited

Locked Bag 4396


Or alternatively, if you would like futher information on how CropLife Australia can make a positive contribution to your business, contact CropLife’s Company Secretary, Deputy Chief Executive Officer/Chief Financial Officer, Brad Williams on (02) 6273 2733.

Information on membership fees is available on the Membership Classes page (suggested new page – see below).

Member services

Industry advocacy

On our members’ behalf CropLife works with governments, farmer groups, CRCs, other industry associations and stakeholders interested in the future of food and farming, to maintain the benefits that flow to the Australian community from a strong and responsible plant science industry.

We proactively monitor political issues and bureaucratic processes that may affect our industry and present policy solutions to ministers and government officials on issues affecting our industry. When it is needed, we take strong advocacy positions in public forums including the media to correct inaccuracies and make rational, logical and science-based contributions to public discourse on behalf of our industry.

We listen to our members to ensure we remain in touch with industry concerns and actively engage members while formulating our positions and policies.

Keeping members informed

Recognising that our members value fast, accurate and useful information, we update them regularly on industry developments; provide them with intelligence on political developments; provide forums for discussing issues with regulators and; provide regular briefs on our activities as well as broader industry news.

We also provide networking opportunities for our members to ensure the industry remains informed, focused and united.

Promoting stewardship

Our members adopt and promote ethical and responsible practices from discovery and development of a crop protection or biotechnology product through to its use and final disposal.

CropLife, and its member companies comply with the International Code of Conduct for the Distribution and Use of Pesticides. This code of conduct, and CropLife’s own Code of Conduct describe obligations our members must meet in managing agricultural chemical products. These obligations include responsible management through innovation, discovery, research, transport, distribution and use.

Through our wholly-owned subsidiary, Agsafe, CropLife oversees the accreditation and training of farm chemical distributors as well as delivery of the Industry Waste Reduction Scheme.

Visit the Stewardship page to read more about these activities.

Member obligations

CropLife Australia members are industry leaders committed to safety, stewardship and quality. Our members demonstrate this commitment by complying with obligations set out in the CropLife Australia Constitution, By-Laws and Code of Conduct. This compliance is a condition of CropLife membership.

To obtain a copy of the CropLife Australia Constitution and By-Laws please contact Brad Williams on (02) 6273 2733 or at [email protected].