Autumn Edition 2016

  • Secure farmer choice in Western Australia
  • Unneccessary regulatory changes to AgVet chemical labels threathen WH&S best practice
  • Pesticides crucial to defending Australia’s natural environment
  • 20 years of GM crop benefits for Australian farmers

CropLinks Autumn 2016

Spring Edition 2015

  • CropLife Australia celebrates sixty years of advocacy
  • What would the festive season be like without plum pudding and good cheer?
  • WA farmers support the right to choose
  • ChemClear celebrates milestone.

CropLinks Spring 2015

Winter Edition 2015

  • Australia’s first White Paper for Agriculture
  • The many benefits of crop protection
  • Australian farmers growing GM crops gain US$885 million
  • CropLife hosts fifth annual Agricultural Industry Budget Breakfast

CropLinks Winter 2015

Summer Edition 2015

  • The dangers of pseudo-science
  • Where would we be without crop protection products?
  • Five facts about GM foods
  • CropLife’s 10 most influential studies of 2014

CropLinks Summer 2015

Spring Edition 2014

  • CropLife Australia develops world-first smart-phone app for farmers and beekeepers
  • What does ‘natural’ food look like?
  • 29-year, trillion-meal study shows GM to be safe
  • What does the science world say about GM crop safety?

CropLinks Spring 2014

Winter Edition 2014

  • CropLife’s Pollinator Protection Initiative
  • Government and Opposition come together to deliver on agvet chemical reform
  • Resistance management strategies provide crucial advice for sustainable use
  • Australia farmers growing GM crops gain US$766 million

CropLinks Winter 2014

Autumn Edition 2014

  • New regulatory reform initiative – good for farmers, good for agriculture and good for the nation
  • Farmers need agricultural technologies to feed the world
  • Healthy bees, health farms
  • No need for farmer conflict

CropLinks Autumn 2014

Spring Edition 2013

  • Crop Protection – Keeping food on plates and money in Australia’s coffers
  • Minor Use Program – Set to provide boost to agriculture, the economy and much more
  • CropLife releases strategies for sustainable use of agchem products
  • Crackdown on illegal chemical imports needed to protect farmers

CropLinks Spring 2013

Winter Edition 2013

  • Australian farmers growing GM crops gain $611 million
  • Agvet chemical reforms
  • GM moratoria holding Australia back
  • ChemClear® demonstrates strong commitment to industry stewardship

CropLinks Winter 2013

Autumn Edition 2013

  • Using plant science to be a better environmentalist
  • CropLife National Forum
  • COAG Nationalisation must deliver real reform
  • Productivity is put at risk by proposed Agvet chemical reforms

CropLinks Autumn 2013

Spring Edition 2012

  • The importance of evidence based public policy
  • Launch of the Agricultural Biotechnology Council of Australia
  • $21 Million Loss to the Australian Economy for 287 Pages of Extra Agvetchem Regulation
  • Delivering Market Choice – Five Years on

CropLinks Spring 2012

Autumn Edition 2012

  • Efficiency must be goal of agvetchem regulation reform
  • CropLife Australia: Proud supporter of the Year of the Farmer
  • The Value of Crop Protection to the Economy
  • Trust and Confidence in Biotech Crops see Adoption Rates Soar

CropLinks Autumn 2012

Spring 2011

  • Better regulation must lead to a brighter future
  • The importance of a Minor Use program for Australia
  • CropLife launches counter illegal pesticide campaign
  • GM crops lead the way in reducing carbon emissions

CropLinks Spring 2011