Ensuring Health & Safety

I’m concerned about endocrine disruptors. What can you tell me about them?


Endocrine disruption is an important, technically complex issue that has recently garnered public, political and scientific interest.

The plant science industry is committed to continuing to ensure the safety of crop protection products by relying on science-based decision making. Current regulation of crop protection products ensures high levels of protection for human health and the environment.

Crop protection products are extensively tested for potential adverse effects on living beings and ecosystems in studies mandated by national regulations, which include the evaluation of endocrine systems. Crop protection products are also evaluated for potential adverse effects on reproduction and development. Testing includes multi-generation reproduction studies in laboratory animals that assess potential impacts throughout life during two generations of offspring.

Strong scientific evidence shows that crop protection products do not cause endocrine-related diseases or conditions. In fact, human exposure to these products is orders of magnitude lower than exposure to common, natural and more potent endocrine active substances like sugar, caffeine and soy protein. Find out more about the science of endocrine active substances and disruptors and replacing myths with evidence-based science.

Find out more about the agricultural chemical regulatory system that works to protect Australian farmers, consumers, and the environment.