Five ways AI is transforming ag

    11 May 2023


    Digital technology is as common as hats and gumboots on farms now. And while farmers today have access to a huge amount of data, artificial intelligence (AI) is unlocking its value. This helps farmers to make better informed decisions, faster.

    Seasonal forecasting

    AI powered weather monitoring provides farmers with recommendations on how best to manage their crops and inputs for more efficient, sustainable productivity.


    AI technology can monitor, detect, analyse and interpret data collected from the field 24/7 to provide farmers with information they can act on to nourish and protect their crops.

    Efficient water use 

    AI tells farmers when and exactly how much to water based on a crops’ needs and weather forecasts – saving every drop.

    Reducing food loss and waste 

    AI can be used to predict seasonal sales demands and help retailers order the right amount of food to mitigate food waste.

    Precision application 

    Sensors detect weeds and AI equipped technology can determine if pesticide application is necessary and accurately apply precise amounts of the right herbicide. Ultimately saving farmers money and preventing herbicide resistance and spray drift.

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