Herbicide MoA alignment

    19 July 2021

    Herbicide Mode of Action (MoA) classifications have been updated internationally to capture new active constituents and ensure the MoA classification system is globally relevant.

    The global MoA classification system is based on numerical codes which provides infinite capacity to accommodate new herbicide MoA coming to market, unlike the alphabetical codes currently used in Australia.

    CropLife Australia is working with key herbicide resistance management experts, advisors and the APVMA to ensure farmers and agronomists are aware of the planned changes.

    Growers can expect to start seeing herbicide labels with the new mode of action classification system from early 2022. There will be a transition period during which herbicide labels will exist in the supply chain, some bearing the legacy alphabetical MoA classifications, and others transitioned to the global numerical system.

    The numerical classification system should be fully implemented by the end of 2024.

    A mobile app compatible with Android and Apple systems is available via the HRAC website (hracglobal.com) at no cost to users. It will cross reference the herbicide active ingredient with its former MoA letter and new MoA number. Printed materials will also be made available to enable cross referencing of the changes.