Protecting a safe and secure global food supply

    24 August 2020

    Crop protection products – developed with human and environmental health as priorities – provide farmers with carefully tailored tools to produce safe, healthy and abundant crops.

    Since the 1950’s, the plant science industry has achieved an astonishing 95 per cent decrease in the average application of insecticides, herbicides and fungicides while other advances have seen safer crop yields more than triple. This is a positive trend in the fight against food-borne sicknesses.

    Thousands of hours of research and development and scientific assessment by both industry and then regulators go into ensuring crop protection products, when used according to label directions, present no unacceptable risk to users, consumers, animals or the environment.

    The latest crop protection products are enabling farmers to produce more food per unit of land than ever before. With a rapidly changing climate and a growing population to feed, the need for even more effective crop protection products is more vital than ever.

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