Supporting Australian farmers to be the world’s best through industry stewardship

    22 November 2021

    Every product or item we interact with has – at some point in its life-cycle – had an impact, be that through its manufacturing, use pattern or as end-of-life waste.

    The plant science industry products of CropLife Australia’s members are no different. At each step of the product development or innovation process, from early research and development through to the disposal or discontinuation of products, the plant science industry recognises its responsibility and has acted through an industry stewardship program, StewardshipFirst.

    Industry Stewardship is a whole-of-life-cycle approach to product management. This means that CropLife and its members make sure processes and practices are in place to ensure that the development, production and use of the plant science industry’s products are responsible and ethical.

    StewardshipFirst is CropLife Australia’s suite of world leading stewardship initiatives, programs and resources that support the plant science industry’s commitment to the careful and responsible use of plant science products and innovations. At its core, StewardshipFirst is about helping to protect product users – like farmers, environmental land managers and home gardeners – and the environment.

    As the plant science industry continues to invest billions of dollars annually into the research and development of safe and effective crop protection and crop biotechnology innovations, so too is it investing in further stewardship initiatives to support Australian agriculture.

    These advancements allow farmers to access economically viable and environmentally sustainable crop protection solutions and new biotechnology products to improve their agricultural practices, all the while giving them confidence that the investments made not only contribute to the effectiveness of a product, but ensures its safety for the user and environment too.

    CropLife has recently revamped its StewardshipFirst website to allow farmers and other pesticide users easy access to these free-to-use stewardship programs.