A key moment in chemical reform

    4 March 2011

    CropLife Australia welcomes the Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) for PSICs (Product Safety and Integrity Committees) proposals to develop a National Scheme for the Assessment, Registration and Control of Use of Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals.

    Released last night, the Consultation RIS outlines a series of options that may be taken by government to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of Australian agricultural chemical regulation.

    This review has been earmarked as the most important regulatory review of agricultural chemical legislation since the development of a National Registration scheme in the early 1990s. CropLife is committed to working with governments and stakeholders at all levels to ensure that the review delivers the best possible outcomes to support Australia’s agricultural industries ability to produce abundant, safe, nutritious, healthy and affordable food for Australian and export markets.

    It is critical that any chemical reforms imposed deliver benefits and not just regulatory burdens on Australia’s farmers. The Australian plant science industry has developed a reputation as being at the forefront of agricultural innovation, and it is therefore paramount that we continue to take leaps forward not backwards.

    CropLife Australia’s Chief Executive Officer Mr Matthew Cossey stated that the outcomes of this review would play a pivotal role in shaping the future of agricultural chemical regulation in Australian agricultural and animal health.

    “The National Framework for chemical reform is a crucial time for our industry. This is a generational opportunity to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of agricultural chemical regulation in Australia. The responsible, ethical and effective use of agricultural chemicals will benefit farmers, consumers and the environment. It is critical that the government develop the best possible outcome for all stakeholders. This policy should be about getting it right, not rushing it”, Mr Cossey said.

    CropLife will work tirelessly to ensure that the outcomes of the review will support Australia’s plant science industry in our commitment to a safe, sustainable and innovative agricultural sector.

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