Celebrating all of agriculture this #AgDayAu

    20 November 2020

    20 November 2020 marks National Agriculture Day, a chance to celebrate all that is great about Australian farming.

    Chief Executive Officer of CropLife Australia the national peak industry organisation for the plant science sector, Mr Matthew Cossey, said, “This year, more than any other, it’s been important to focus on how our farmers are the foundation of a stable and secure food supply. Australia is lucky that essentially all of the food that we require is Australian grown and 75 per cent of what is produced in Australia is above our own nation’s requirements and able to be exported.

    “The importance of the entire agricultural sector – including critical input industries such as the plant science sector – has been recognised in 2020 and National Agriculture Day is simply a chance for all Australians to say thank you to the primary production industries that feed and clothe the nation.

    “CropLife and all our members are incredibly proud to be part of what is a vibrant and innovative industry. CropLife member companies have worked tirelessly in demanding circumstances to ensure the production and supply of critical crop protection and GM crop products remained uninterrupted this year.

    “Even in a food-secure nation like Australia, there is room for improvement and challenges ahead. If we expect farmers to be able to do what they do best, it’s important they have access to the latest scientific innovations so they can grow our nation’s food, feed and fibre in even more environmentally sustainable ways.

    “This is something to which the plant science industry continues to dedicate itself. Maintaining and improving Australian farming’s productivity, profitability and sustainability will rely even more on scientific research and development, the resulting innovations, and the ability for farmers to access and utilise them.”

    Mr Cossey concluded, “I encourage all Australians to take a moment today to celebrate the great efforts of the nation’s farmers and recognise just how fortunate we are.”