Celebrating the innovations that help grow good things for the nation this #AgDayAu

    17 November 2023

    Australia’s National Agriculture Day is an annual celebration of Australia’s agriculture industry and the people and families that grow our food and steward the land. This year’s theme, “Grow You Good Thing” highlights the invaluable contributions of the agriculture industry to our daily lives.

    “Agriculture is more than just crops and land, it’s an integral part of our daily existence,” said Chief Executive Officer of CropLife Australia, the national peak industry organisation for the plant science sector, Mr. Matthew Cossey.

    “From the food on our plates, to the drinks that fill our cups, to the clothes we wear, agriculture and the innovations of input sectors such as the plant science industry that enable it are crucial to all Australian’s way of life.

    “This National Agriculture Day, we take a moment to appreciate and celebrate the farmers and the critical input industries such as the plant science sector that work tirelessly to feed and clothe the nation and make us an international agricultural exporting powerhouse.

    “Even in a food-secure nation like Australia, there is a need for improvement and adaptation in preparing for the challenges of climate change and to make farming even more sustainable. If we expect farmers to do what they do best, it’s important they have access to the latest scientific innovations like crop protection products and new, resilient biotech crop varieties so they can continue to grow good things in even more environmentally sustainable ways.

    “Crop protection products help safeguard crops from insect pests, weeds and diseases and ensure that we continue to enjoy high-quality, safe and sustainable agricultural products. In fact, a remarkable 73 per cent of the value of Australian produce, amounting to a staggering $31.6 billion, is a direct result of the judicious use of crop protection products. They contribute to the sustainability of the agriculture industry, national economic productivity and the well-being of communities.

    “This is something to which the plant science industry continues to dedicate itself. Maintaining and improving Australian farming’s productivity, profitability and sustainability will rely even more on scientific research and development, the resulting innovations, and the ability for farmers to access and utilise them.

    Mr Cossey concluded, “I encourage all Australians to take a moment today to celebrate the great efforts of the nation’s farmers and recognise just how fortunate we are.”