CropLife announces Official ‘Proud Supporter’ Status for Year of the Farmer 2012

    31 January 2012

    CropLife Australia is very pleased to announce today that it is an official supporter of the Year of the Farmer and will be actively supporting and participating in this year’s associated activities.

    Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Cossey, today said, “Agriculture is such a vital industry to this nation and Australia’s farmers are the core of the success of the industry. It is an industry that impacts each and every Australian, each and every day by providing food, feed and fibre to the nation and the world. Australia’s hard working farmers have a 24 hour/7 day a week/52 weeks of the year job in striving to meet our nation’s food demands. It is very appropriate to specifically recognise that effort.

    “2012 is the Year of the Farmer and an excellent opportunity for Australians to recognise and thank our farmers for their tireless work. It’s also timely to recognise the important support industries to the nation’s farming sector, such as the plant science industry.

    “Australian farmers produce almost 93% of our domestic food supply and also export up to 60% of their crop production. That is a phenomenal effort and we need to acknowledge just how much of an undertaking our farmers make. Farmers need the support of the community and the Government and that is why this Year of the Farmer is so important in recognising the commitment our farmers give to their jobs.

    “It is also a significant opportunity for the community to better understand what the challenges are for our farmers and the importance that supporting industries play in their success. Critical sectors like the plant science industry afford farmers the ability to produce safe and fresh foods in large quantities. The challenge facing our farmers in meeting the needs of an ever growing population is significant and they will need new innovative agriculture chemistry and biotechnology solutions to meet that challenge. That is something to which Australia’s plant science industry is dedicated”.

    Mr Cossey said, “Today I also wish to announce the release of a new video presentation entitled ‘This is Innovation’. In the spirit of Australian Year of the Farmer celebrations, we offer an insight into the role of Australia’s plant science industry in supporting our farming sector. CropLife Australia will proudly display the logo of the Australian Year of the Farmer on our material as well as promoting the event at international forums, and will do so for the entirety of 2012.

    An online version of the video presentation can be found at

    “The video presentation highlights the significance of science and innovation in developing new tools and products to assist farmers meet the challenges of achieving global food security.

    “CropLife is also immensely proud of the industry stewardship programs that support farmers, such as the drumMUSTER program, which are run by our subsidiary company Agsafe. Agsafe has also become an official supporter of Year of the Farmer.

    “Australia’s dynamic and innovative plant science industry is crucial to our nation’s agriculture and CropLife Australia looks forwarding to honouring our farmers and their contribution to our country in a very special and significant year for Australia”.

    CropLife Australia is now a proud supporter of AYOF2012.pdf