Food sustainability needs innovative solutions

    2 April 2012

    Achieving global food security will take new thinking and new innovation, making this week’s 2nd Annual Sustainable Food Summit in Sydney a timely and important event for the agriculture industry.

    The conference brings together the relevant industry experts, government and non-government organisations to examine the prospects for Australia’s food production and sustainable food systems in the future. The plant science sector will be crucial in the development of future food solutions and therefore CropLife Australia, as the peak industry body for the sector, is very pleased to be sponsoring and participating in this important event.

    Matthew Cossey, Chief Executive Officer of CropLife Australia said today “it is very encouraging to see that the very serious issues relating to future food supply, food systems and food security are being discussed in a national forum.

    “CropLife Australia and our member companies are eager to contribute to and see the outcomes of this conference. The plant science industry has a very prominent role in the future of food supply, with the potential to provide modern, sustainable and innovative farming system tools and products.

    “Modern agricultural chemistry and biotechnology will be at the core of meeting future food challenges, the benefits of which the world is already seeing on a significant scale. This innovation will be delivered as a result of the significant investment they make in research and development.

    “With the need to double food production in the coming decades, the plant science industry and their significant investment in plant research and technology will contribute heavily to providing farmers with the tools they need if they are going to be able to meet the required increase in food production.”

    “I expect that some of the ideas discussed and identified at this conference will also assist the Federal Government with the development of their National Food Plan. Australia is fortunate to have such a dynamic plant science sector with such innovative companies investing significantly into food security and sustainable agriculture solutions.”

    The inaugural Summit held in April 2011, attended by over 340 participants from diverse sectors and backgrounds, generated extraordinary consensus for the need to collaborate and continue the conversations necessary to generate change.

    Over two days the 2nd Annual Summit will begin to examine what new frameworks and emerging solutions will help support a sustainable and resilient food system for Australia now and in the future.

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