Greenpeace brings a dark day for Australian science

    14 July 2011

    Greenpeace today have proven they are more interested in emotional blackmail of parents and spin doctoring than they are in global food security and science based public policy decision making.

    CropLife Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Cossey, said today he is disappointed that Greenpeace have imported irresponsible activist activity to Australia. Slamming them as nothing more than intellectually weak troglodytes, Mr Cossey said “The vandalism of independent scientific GM trials is nothing but a short sighted attempt to garner publicity”.

    “This is a dark day for Australian science and there can be no justification for this act. This type of activity from Greenpeace is unethical and morally questionable, especially when the world is facing the challenge of global food security”.

    “Reckless interference of this kind only delays valuable and essential scientific research. The exact purpose of these independent scientific trials was to assess and analyse the safety and potential health benefits of this new wheat variety. This type of research is critical to Australia’s agricultural future”.

    “It is hypocritical of Greenpeace to demand that governments act on the science of climate change and at the same time demand that government completely ignore and act against the science of biotechnology”.

    “Through their luddite destruction of scientific trials Greenpeace have reduced themselves to a 21st Century equivalent of the flat earth society.”

    “Regulatory decisions need to be based on proven science, not on Greenpeace’s deception, falsehoods and half truths”, Mr Cossey concluded.

    Greenpeace brings a dark day for Australian science.pdf