It’s time to put the environment and farmers above politics

    26 November 2019

    CropLife Australia and the Australian Seed Federation have launched the SA Farmer Choice website to further raise awareness in the hope that common sense and science prevails in the GM debate in the South Australian Parliament this week.

    The two organisations are calling for South Australian farmers to be unshackled from anachronistic regulations and have the choice to access agricultural technologies that will assist with drought and a changing climate.

    CropLife Australia Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Cossey, said, “All farmers need access to sustainable solutions, like genetically modified crops, to assist with the challenges of drought and climate change. South Australian farmers are still being denied that choice.

    “GM crops enable farmers to reduce carbon emissions, use pesticides more sustainably and protect the soil through no-till farming. GM crops are beneficial for farmers and the environment. Matters of proven science should be above politics and we’re calling on the South Australian Parliament to allow GM crop cultivation on mainland South Australia.”

    A motion introduced by Greens MLC, Mark Parnell, to disallow the South Australian Government’s regulations that will allow GM crop cultivation in the state, will be voted on this Wednesday 27 November.

    General Manager of the Australian Seed Federation, Osman Mewett, said, “For over a decade, South Australian farmers have been denied the ability to choose from the full suite of tools that have been available to their competitors in neighbouring states. They have been farming with one hand tied
    behind their back.

    “The GM moratorium has restricted growth and innovation in the state’s agricultural sector. It has denied South Australian farmers access to innovative breeding technologies and new crops both now and in the future, and it has banned the transport of GM seed across the state.

    Mr Mewett concluded, “The science is clear and conclusive. It’s time to put the environment and farmers before politics and give South Australian farmers the choice.”