Leading the charge in agricultural product stewardship this Global Recycling Day

    18 March 2024

    As the world marks Global Recycling Day, CropLife Australia proudly showcases its commitment to product and environmental stewardship and sustainability through its world-leading recycling programs. With a focus on the safe and responsible management of used pesticide containers, CropLife Australia is at the forefront of promoting whole lifecycle management practices in the agricultural sector.

    Since 2005, CropLife International, in collaboration with its affiliates, has established container recycling and management programs in 60 countries. Together, these initiatives have diverted over 1.4 million tonnes of plastic from landfills, underscoring the global impact of sustainable practices in plant science product management.

    “In Australia, we’re committed to leading the charge in promoting genuine sustainable practices in agriculture,” said Chief Executive Officer of CropLife Australia the national peak industry organisation for the plant science sector, Matthew Cossey.

    “One of the flagship programs in Australia is drumMUSTER®, delivered by CropLife Australia’s wholly-owned subsidiary Agsafe. What began in 1998 with a single drop-off location has grown into a nationwide network of 830 collection sites. Through drumMUSTER®, CropLife Australia has successfully collected and recycled more than 42 million plastic containers, weighing a total of 43,000 tonnes, with a remarkable 100 per cent recycling rate.

    “Ultimately what goes around, comes around, which is why the plant science industry invests heavily in stewardship initiatives that include product stewardship to manage each stage of a product through its lifecycle. Through initiatives like drumMUSTER®, we’re contributing to the circular economy by repurposing these materials into valuable products,” concluded Mr Cossey.