No truth in Truefood Guide

    2 March 2011

    Greenpeace’s ‘Truefood Guide’ is a fraud being perpetrated on the Australian public and a grubby attempt to bully food manufacturers into avoiding GM food ingredients.

    The latest edition of the Truefood Guide is a new low for Greenpeace. The Guide now seeks to inappropriately manipulate parents into purchasing decisions. Touted as the ‘special kids edition’, the Guide does little to protect the interest of both parents and children.

    CropLife Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Cossey, dismissed the publication as a mischievous and deceitful publicity stunt:

    “Greenpeace have consistently shown they are nothing more than merchants of baseless fear when it comes to GM crops. For years the Australian public has been subjected to this fact free campaign, without ever being given a single credible reason why they should be so scared of a scientifically improved plant. It’s simply not good enough for Greenpeace to continue in this vein”.

    The biotech plant science industry has spent decades dedicated to the delivery of safe innovative and high quality crop solutions to assist farmers provide Australia and the world with a secure food supply. That dedication to scientifically proven safety has been reinforced by a trillion GM crop product meals bring served since 1996.

    GM crops are the most intensively studied food ingredients in the history of humanity. There has not been a single verified health problem, nor has there been any damage to the environment.

    In fact, Governments and international bodies from around the world have consistently found these ingredients to be at least as safe as any other.

    The only reason there are still ‘concerns’, is because of the misinformation and scaremongering that is spread by professional anti-GM activists and spin doctors.

    “The name ‘Truefood Guide’ is a misnomer – this propaganda brochure contains very little that even vaguely resembles truth.” Mr Cossey said.Greenpeace has compromised its own credibility with this brochure and the dubious methodology on which it is based.

    “It is unethical, dishonest and hypocritical for Greenpeace to continue to promote baseless extreme views on this issue in order to scare people about the safety of Australian food” Mr Cossey said.

    The jury is well and truly in on GM crops and found they’ve to be both safe and beneficial to the environment. It is time that Greenpeace stopped being fact-free alarmists and listened to the science.

    “Australians can rest assured that the nation’s crop protection and agricultural biotech sector will continue to deliver the very best and safest products to farmers as we continue to meet the food security challenges of the future”.

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