Strong leadership at an important time for Australia’s plant science industry

    4 December 2011

    Monday 4 December 2011 (Canberra) – CropLife is pleased to announce the re-election by the Board of

    Mr Lachlan McKinnon as President of the organisation. Mr McKinnon is General Manager Australasia for Nufarm, and this will be his fifth term as President of CropLife Australia. Mr McKinnon’s significant industry experience equips him well to continue to lead the organisation during a crucial period for industry as we strive to assist the Federal Government deliver a more efficient regulatory system for both crop protection and GM crop products.

    Joining Mr McKinnon on the CropLife Executive Committee is:

    • Mr Damien Ryan (General Manager, Sipcam Pacific Australia) as Vice President Crop Protection;
    • Mr Peter O’Keeffe (Managing Director, Monsanto Australia Limited) as Vice President Crop Biotechnology;
    • Mr Dean Corbett (Chief Executive Officer, Accensi Pty Ltd) as Treasurer.

    The other Directors elected at the CropLife AGM are:

    • Mr Peter Dryden, (General Manager ANZ, Dow AgroSciences Pty Ltd)
    • Mr Joerg Ellmanns, (Managing Director, Bayer CropScience Pty Ltd)
    • Mr Graeme Iggo, (Business Director, Australia and New Zealand, DuPont (Australia) Ltd)
    • Mr Paul Luxton, (General Manager, Syngenta Crop Protection Pty Limited)
    • Mr David Peters, (Managing Director, Farmoz Pty Ltd)

    The Board continues to provide important strategic guidance for the CropLife Secretariat team, led by Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Cossey.

    Mr Cossey said, “There has never been a more important time for the effective advocacy for, and promotion of, Australia’s plant science industry. Providing Australia’s farming sector with value for money and innovative modern agricultural chemistry and biotech products is crucial to the success of Australian agriculture.

    “There is no more important industry than ours in supporting Australia’s farmers in their food production efforts while at the same time using fewer natural resources. The challenges facing global food security can be overcome but only if governments and the community don’t take for granted the effort, skill and innovation needed in producing food and fibre for an ever growing population.

    “CropLife is fortunate that it represents the best of the plant science sector and has an experienced, professional and dedicated Board to continue to guide it in these challenging times”, Mr Cossey concluded.