Supporting Australian farmers to be the world’s best through industry stewardship & best practice

    25 October 2021

    CropLife Australia, the national peak industry organisation for Australia’s plant science sector, has launched a revamped product stewardship website to better support Australian farmers to be the world’s best. The ‘StewardshipFirst’ website brings together all of CropLife Australia’s world leading crop protection and crop biotechnology stewardship programs and best practice guidelines in one easy to access location.

    Chief Executive Officer, Matthew Cossey, said, “CropLife’s members are global leaders in their whole-of-life-cycle and best practice approach to industry stewardship, contributing millions each year to activities to ensure the safe and sustainable use of their products. Our members are continuously adopting and promoting ethical and responsible practices right from discovery and development of crop protection and crop biotechnology products through to their use and the final disposal of associated waste.”

    The updated website pulls together CropLife’s stewardship initiatives and programs – the StewardshipFirst suite – making it easier for farmers, agronomists, environmental land managers, local councils and other pesticide users to navigate. The website also provides further information to guide better understanding of StewardshipFirst and pesticides.

    Mr Cossey continued, “Through StewardshipFirst, CropLife and our members are providing a suite of world-leading stewardship initiatives, programs and resources that support the plant science industry’s commitment to the careful and responsible use of plant science products and innovations. StewardshipFirst enables farmers to better use crop protection solutions to improve their agricultural practices through practicing pollinator protection and managing spray drift.”

    The updated website further demonstrates commitment to whole-of-life cycle stewardship and product best practice and comes after the appointment of a dedicated Director of Stewardship and Sustainability Policy for CropLife Australia earlier this year.

    Mr Cossey concluded, “Stewardship has always been a pillar of CropLife’s advocacy work, but this dedicated position puts a spotlight on the motivation of CropLife member companies to be more forward-looking and future-ready in the context of stewardship. We will be expanding our stewardship offering in the coming year to continue better supporting farmers, environmental land managers and other pesticide users.

    “At its core, StewardshipFirst is about our role in supporting the users of plant science industry products and innovations, ensuring sustainability and protecting the environment.”

    CropLife Australia’s StewardshipFirst website can be found at