Adelaide Hills Council – Draft Genetically Modified Crops Policy

    3 August 2012

    CropLife Australia commends the Adelaide Hills Council for having the foresight to engage in discussion on the future of agricultural biotechnology in the municipality.  CropLife is, however, seriously concerned with the decision of the Council to produce a policy in an area where it has no jurisdiction. CropLife is also alarmed by the lack of depth of research and erroneous assumptions that form the foundations of this policy.

    South Australia is uniquely placed to play an important role in achieving local and global food security sustainably. Policies like that currently under discussion act to inhibit this role, along with the economic and environmental well-being of the region.

    CropLife recommends that the Adelaide Hills Council reconsider and retract its proposed policy in order to allow the South Australian Government to make its own policy decisions as to the future of agricultural biotechnology in the state according to science-based evidence.