Consultation Regulation Impact Statement : A National Scheme for Assessment, Registration and Control of Use of Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals

    11 April 2011

    CropLife welcomes measures designed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of agricultural regulation in Australia. CropLife has long observed that the processes surrounding assessment and registration could be significantly improved to facilitate and encourage greater innovation in Australian agriculture.

    CropLife Australia (CropLife) recognises that inappropriate uses of agricultural chemical products can generate significant economic, social and environmental problems. In contrast, the benefits that can accrue from the responsible use of agricultural chemical products are proven, well established and significant. Between 30% and 50% of current Australian agricultural production is dependent upon the use of chemical products. Denying farmers access to these proven tools will result in significantly reduced yields, higher food prices and potentially greater environmental impacts as new lands are turned over to agricultural production, and less efficient production systems are adopted that do not assist in meeting global food security challenges.