Submission to the Senate Committee on Rural & Regional Affairs & Transport – Inquiry in respect to Agricultural & Veterinary Chemicals Legislation Amendment Bill 2012

    19 December 2012

    CropLife has for many years advocated for reform of agricultural chemicals regulation and has been actively engaged with the Government to assist it develop a package of reforms that deliver on commitments to reduce red tape and improve the efficiency of the agricultural chemicals regulator. Despite our considerable efforts, CropLife remains disappointed that the package of reforms introduced in the Bill:

    1. Do not remove or reduce any red tape;
    2. Introduce additional processes and procedures without any corresponding improvements in regulatory efficiency, or environmental or human health protection; and
    3. Increase the regulatory burden for agricultural chemical products resulting in fewer tools for users, more expensive products and less incentive to bring more modern technologies to the Australian market.

    On top of failing to provide any genuine reform of agricultural chemical regulation to deliver greater efficiency, CropLife is disappointed with the inclusion of additional tests that reduce certainty for applicants and increase complexity within a regulatory system that is already excessively complex and difficult to navigate.

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