24 October 2017

    Agsafe was established to deliver the industry’s flagship stewardship programs. These are the Agsafe Member Services and Training program, the drumMUSTER and ChemClear® programs.

    Agsafe Member Services and Training  

    Agsafe Member Services and Training is a co-regulatory scheme that ensures all premises and personnel involved in the transportation, storage, distribution and sale of agricultural and veterinary chemicals, such as distributor’s outlets and manufacturers’ warehouses, use best practice and comply with the many federal and state laws and regulations that apply to them.

    The program is designed to ensure there is stewardship awareness and regulatory compliance along the supply chain.

    Visit the Agsafe Member Services and Training website


    The drumMUSTER program facilitates the collection and recycling of eligible, clean and empty agricultural and veterinary chemical containers from participating chemical manufacturers.

    The drumMUSTER program started in Gunnedah, NSW in 1999. Since inception, the program has collected over 36 million agvet chemical containers which equates to over 38,000 tonnes of material being removed from farms and diverted from landfill. The containers are recycled into new products such as wheelie bins, fence posts and concrete bar stools.

    Visit the drumMUSTER website


    The ChemClear® program ensures the safe disposal of unwanted or obsolete agricultural and veterinary chemicals.  There are two classifications of chemicals, Group 1 and Group 2. Group 1 chemicals are those that are covered by the drumMUSTER Levy whereas Group 2 chemicals are all other chemicals and are disposed of at a cost to the chemical user.

    The program has collected over 750,000 liters of unwanted and obsolete agvet chemicals from farmers and waste holders since its launch in 2003. About 98 per cent of chemicals collected by ChemClear® are used as an alternative fuel source in the manufacturing of cement.

    Visit the ChemClear® website