24 October 2017

    MyAgCHEMuse is  a best practice reference guide that provides the most up-to-date advice and tools to help manage spray drift.

    Crop protection products are used to control pests and diseases on farms and in parks and reserves. The application of crop protection products, whether from a ground boom sprayer, knapsack or the air, must be properly planned and carefully executed to minimise the risk of off-target chemical movement. MyAgCHEMuse provides Australian farmers, spray contracts and environmental land managers with the information they need to support their planning in minimising the risk of spray drift.

    Drift is the movement of agricultural chemicals through the air away from the target site of application. Drift risks a reduction in economic and productivity losses, potential neighbouring crop damage and loss of beneficial insects due to the crop protection product not all being applied where it is intended or needed. If not managed responsibly, in certain climatic conditions, drift of 10kms away from the intended target site of application can occur.

    Crop protection products are an important tool in an integrated approach to pest management. CropLife Australia promotes the responsible use of a range of pest management methods to ensure sustainable agricultural outcomes. Spray drift is the most common cause of off-target chemical movement.

    MyAgCHEMuse is a one-stop-source for farmers, spray contractors and environmental land managers to help them use crop protection products safely and effectively.

    CropLife Australia encourages farmers, spray contractors and environmental land managers to provide feedback on MyAgCHEMuse – please email

    Click here to download: MyAgCHEMuse