Seed Treatment Stewardship Strategy

    25 October 2017

    The Seed Treatment Stewardship Strategy is part of CropLife’s Pollinator Protection Initiative in its StewardshipFirst suite of initiatives. The strategy includes four stewardship and best practice guides to supporting farmers’ health and safety This includes measures to reduce risks from dust generated during handling and planting of treated seed and guidance on industry best practices to minimise off-target movement of pest and disease management products.

    Seed treatments are an excellent example of how the seed industry and crop protection industry provide Australian farmers with pioneering tools to meet ongoing food security challenges. Seed treatments act as a delivery mechanism for pest and disease management products to improve the production and yield opportunities of the crop. They are specifically tailored to meet farmers’ pest and disease control needs while minimising risks to health, safety and the environment.

    The strategy complements existing strategies for treated seed stewardship like those developed by the Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation and the Australian Seed Federation.

    Stewardship activities for farmers’ everyday business operations must be kept up-to-date and CropLife is pleased to have partnership support for the Seed Treatment Stewardship Strategy from organisations that represent farmers across Australia.

    Click to download the Seed Treatment Stewardship Strategy (Second Edition)