Supporting Farmers

I support Australian farmers, how does plant science support them?


The Australian agricultural sector is world leading. It provides high-quality safe food, feed and fibre for a growing global population and in ever more challenging circumstances. Australian farmers have led the way in using innovative technologies to remain at the forefront of farming.

Australian agriculture is a productive, profitable and innovative industry that is recognised and valued for its significant contribution to the Australian economy and community.


A Deloitte Access Economics report shows that 73 per cent of the $28.2 billion of total Australian crop production, is attributable to the use of crop protection products. This contribution is substantial, if crop protection products were not used, more than two-thirds of the crops Australian farmers currently produce would be lost every year. Importantly, this productivity means that more money is going into farmers’ pockets. Australian farmers have gained $1.4 billion in income benefits over the last 20 years because of access to crop biotechnology. The plant science industry supports farmers in producing a profitable and viable business.

It’s more than money, though. No-till farming practices that have been made possible by innovations in plant science mean farmers are spending less time on the tractor and more time with their families.

The benefits of no-till farming also extend to the environment and can mitigate the negative impacts of climate change. Made possible by the use of pesticides, no-till farming prevents soil erosion, conserves water, promotes soil biodiversity and lowers carbon emissions through increased soil carbon sequestration and the reduced use of fuel.

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